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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
Should this really take place before Shell in a Cell? Raph still has a Ghostbear poster up. Maybe he just left it, but considering how he seemed to end up feeling about his so-called hero, yeah...

Also, I guess I stand corrected, that she is on the kid's show itself. But why in gods name would this girl (who can't keep any other job so far) randomly end up on tv... Are we headed to another form of Mary Sue April?
I'd say another form of April as a reporter, the kid's show was one of the stepping stones to being an intern at Channel 6.
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Originally Posted by victory_angel View Post
In Origami Tsunami after Leo jokingly suggests they take on the city's rat problem. Splinter whips him with his tail and says "Leon...I am standing right here!" So he does use his son's names on occasion, but he would mostly refer to them by their signature color.
It sounded more like "Hey now! I am standing right here!" to me.
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