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But most people are born with autism/aspergers, it isn't something that develops over time. Like someone isn't just born "normal" and then they "catch" aspergers....they're born with it, it's just that they didn't have anyone officially medically diagnose them with it.

I've seen people say they were in their 30's and just discovered they were autistic/asperger...they went through all their life and had no clue because nobody ever diagnosed them. Some people can go their whole life and have no clue they were ever "on the spectrum."
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I'unno, in some cases a horrific or traumatic event, or a serious and life-threatening illness, especially with a young child, have been known to cause them to display various symptoms reminiscent of autism that simply weren't present before. Becoming non-verbal or unresponsive, for example. Think "Tommy" from The Who, or the little kid in "Scrooged" who became mute after he saw his father get killed. Those things do happen in real life.

In fact, a lot of what we know now about some of those disorders, came from doctors working backwards and trying to figure out why and how those symptoms could manifest themselves in kids who had always been otherwise "normal"-functioning before. Their understanding came along gradually and then they started to recognize those same symptoms and traits manifesting in people who were born that way.

Generally, you're correct, it's most often something a person is born with. But there are also things that in rare cases can trigger a person into having near-identical symptoms to some of the various disorders.

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