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Any soundtracks in your playlist/music collection down to shows or movies?

Bit of a weak thread and some tracks might fall under the guilty pleasures thread but I thought I'd give it one of it's own.

Do you have many downloaded tracks that were used in some TV shows or movie (for some of you it might even include gaming tracks) I mean granted a lot of these tracks are often chart released singles anyway, just maybe we picked them up due to whatever show or movie.

I have some, not sure I want to fess up to every one A couple off the top of my head, I downloaded the Track for Charmed 'how soon is now' 'Bad things' from True Blood (I found it catchy) 'Carry on my Wayward son' which is used in every supernatural season finale (barring season 1) A few songs from Dirty Dancing .. and I'll stop there. Yes, I did download the track for 2012's TMNT, mostly for my son in my defence but I have soft spot for it.
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