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Originally Posted by Spidergreg View Post
Hi, what is this Donatello?

Initially i thought it's a piggy bank but no, cos this is the piggy bank one.
It’s a 2014 Bust of Donatello Figural Bank
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Originally Posted by mikey0 View Post
It’s a 2014 Bust of Donatello Figural Bank
Not what i was referring to but i think i found the answer, it's also a Bank
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TMNT Sewer Shield (around 1990-1993)

Hi Everyone,
I registered here because I've been Looking everywhere on the Internet to find Information About a toy I used to own when I was About 4 years old.

Hopefully this is the Right thread and someone might have some backround Information.

The toy was a role play Shield with a grey sewer cover, it had a handle on the back and was Electric. With a push on a button on the back it would make an Explosion noise and the turtles logo in the front would light up (see Picture).

Any help in identifying what the toy was is highly appreciated.

Thank you all in Advance.
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Accessory Identification

Can anyone tell me where this machete is from? It’s definitely customized paint wise and I’m assuming it was once a sword. (Looks like the guard was cut off) Look familiar to anyone? I appreciate any help.
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