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Originally Posted by Panda_Kahn_fan View Post
I predict....

that we will start off with very different turtles... and then gradually they will develop and grow into the turtles we know and love.

over the show's seasons, the turtles will start off as rookie ninja, then slowly improve their skills, until they are as skilled with martial arts as other versions.

Over the course of the seasons, Leo will become more mature, and earn his place as leader.

Over the seasons, Mikey's artistic side will bloom, and he'll become almost as creative and expressive as his mirage counterpart.

Over the seasons, we'll be introduced to the foot clan little by little, until we finally meet shredder, and see the nature of the conflict be revealed slowly.

over the seasons., the turtles will earn their traditional weapons, and gradually become comfortable with them.

But we can't have that, the angry TMNT fans want a fully formed ninja team, right out of the gate, with no room for growth or character development ,and we need to rush back to those Shredder vs. TMNT fights as fast as possible. right? The turtles are most exciting when at status quo!

The series is not being sold on the idea of it being the story of the TMNT before they become the of TMNT. The word Ninja is still part of the title.

Even if it where the case this still relies on there being a lengthy run. Not an unrealistic expectation given that Nickelodeon has money to throw at it and the previous show went on for longer than it's ratings justified it to but with short run times for episodes do you really expect there to be a lot of character growth? I can see some things like Leo becoming leader but others I think are just going to be saved until the series end and hopefully not an abrupt one like the previous series got which seemed much better planned and yet still wrapped up without resolving some of it's important story lines.

Also there's something kinda odd about these turtles growing into a version of TMNT that we all know and are familiar with. If they have all this cool magic and advanced tech is it really going to make sense for them to swap all that for basic ninja skills and wood and metal weapons? After huge adventures fighting Baron Draxum it's going to seem more than a step down to beat him and swap him for street level adventures fighting Shredder and the Foot.

Even if this creatively an attempt to show how the TMNT will develop into the characters we know it's still at it's heart an attempt to do something different for the sake of it (and the belief it will be more toyetic than the standard TMNT) after a preceding version has faded from popularity like Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, Fast Forward etc. Heck the end result is still the same regardless. TMNT has such a poor track record of trying this I'm surprised people still attempt it

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