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The 2018 threads seem to be merging in conversation.

We don't even know Mona will be in it (do we?)
Anwyay, we all know Shredder will get the romance this time Just kidding, I agree with Indigo, I don't see much of this happening in this series, I'd not care for that change if it were to happen either.

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Originally Posted by FredWolfLeonardo View Post
Because Leonardo and not Raphael painted the Mona Lisa
Underrated post.

Ready for TMNT in Injustice 2?
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Originally Posted by newfan View Post
Anwyay, we all know Shredder will get the romance this time
Hey, why not. How about a mad woman with a fetish for super villeins that won't leave him alone. An equally aggressive match determined to make him hers.
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The only real reason Rise may not last that long is with Toys R Us going out of business (and by the time the show starts in September, they'll likely all be gone), is all the new toys from Playmates are going to have a much smaller market now. All they really have is Walmart and Target now and a few minor stores, but the end of Toys R US is a huge blow to toymakers.

A lot of the TMNT cartoons success rides on toy sales, and this will be the first cartoon that goes on the air after Toys R Us is gone.
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