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She was great, not perfect but I would also rank her as the best animated April so far. I feel that the writers often found it difficult to implement her into the turtles' random adventures. I wish her design had some yellow somewhere as a short reference to OT April, it didn't have to be a lot, her earings or something small in her pants or whatever. The crop top look fit her and it's only akward when she's wearing a lab coat or in a more formal setting but that's the fault of the designers not giving her another outfit to wear for those scenes. Her re-design was not a bad one i just didn't look like 2k3 April and more of the 2007 one and the yellow bruce lee outfit is ugly even if it's the yellow I wanted.

OT April is great but I mean like most OT characters there just isn't that much to them, odd design but it worked. Nick April sucks, I was not a fan of her being such a big part of the story with the psychic powers crap, I like her outfit but not her face. Rise April has potential since Nick April didn't take advantage of having a Teenage April but I hope teen April doesn't become the norm, I'd rather April have a hologram "Bat" and a pet than psychic powers, I like her outfit but not a fan of the race change.
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