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Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
Well, reviews I read about the glitter chips being in the minority in the bag, with the majority just being regular chocolate chips, turned out to be right, but tried to make sure each cookie got one...

Though there seems to be a local shortage of bottled water, so cookies stuffed in an empty one and thrown into the river for delivery will be delayed. They may or may not all be eaten beforehand.

I was gonna ask! You can still come over and smack me around while wearing the Scout uniform, though, my wife's actually looking forward to it.

At present I am finishing off a giant omelette that was made with five (5) eggs, five (5) slices each of turkey and ham, three (3) slices of Kraft Singles and a side of bacon and toast, along with a cup of coffee.

It sounds worse than it is, those are the base components but it actually ended up being two omelettes, one for me and a smaller one for her. I just mix it all in the same bowl and pour it into two separate pans because it saves time.

For anyone wondering why I don't have abs despite being in the gym a lot, I'm pretty sure I just answered your f*cking question.

"I left some words quite far from here to be a short reminder...
I laid them out in stone, in case they need to last forever..."

"But hey... I'm not telling you anything that you don't already know."
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