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Random Punk
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Collector/youtuber here!!

Hey guys and girls.. Ever since the new tmnt mega blocks classics came out I decided to join this forumn due to all the help and info about the soon to be released figures... Anyways been a fan since the original cartoons.. 1 more thing can you please subscribe to my YouTube channel @ I'm really trying to grow and cannot do it without you guys.
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Welcome to the Technodrome!

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Gin Rummy
Stone Warrior
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Welcome to the Forums!!
Maybe, just once, someone will call me 'Sir' without adding, 'You're making a scene.'
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Foot Elite
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Welcome aboard! Hope you enjoy it here!
Add me online for 3DS!

Nintendo Network ID: Icebot
Code: 0147-2964-4509
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Big, Bad & Bold
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welcome, i've subbed

Add me: PSN/XBL; Nintendo Network ID: BDS-3.1.6; Switch FC: SW-3378-5206-8020

TMNT Fan Club:

Visit My Wish List:

My Collection:
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