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Favorite TMNT Music

One thing that's been consistent across every iteration of TMNT is some seriously dope music. Scores, theme songs, soundtrack selections, even the material created for Coming Out Of Our Shells, there's tons of great stuff throughout their history in sound. I have just about every single turtles based OST out there in my itunes library, & I regularly listen to 'em all. I'm certain that would be the case for many of them even if they had no relation to the TMNT. I genuinely love the bulk of it (in part due to my affinity for synth, punk, & hip-hop, 3 genres prominently featured in TMNT lore). Hell, I think the TMNT directly influenced my taste in music from the very beginning.

Theme songs aside, which selections stand out for you? What is your all time favorite TMNT score/soundtrack?

For me, the top spot is virtually a tie between Turtles & Time & Tournament Fighters (SNES versions of both, respectively). It's really hard to choose between the two, though, gun to my head, I'd probably go with TiT. They're incredibly nostalgic for me, so I can't deny that plays a part, but the tunes themselves just get me super pumped, even when I'm not playing the games they're from. I especially love Elevator/Neon Night Riders from TiT, & Sky Palace/Thunder Dome from TF. It's all so rad, drives me nuts.

As far as runners-up go, God damn, there are so many solid choices. I'll just note my other favorites in no particular order.

-Original movie score by John Du Prez (& the accompanying soundtrack, too!)
-Out Of The Shadows (video game) score by Just Blaze
-TMNT (2007) score by Klaus Badelt

Also wanna give an honorable mention to the Nick Series score by Sebastian Evans II. It's still fresh so it hasn't cemented a legendary status with me just yet, but whooo boy, that show's got some fantastic arrangements. Oh, & a nod to the OT, too! Gotta love those iconic up-tempo 80's jams.
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