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Candy Kappa
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Uh... Okay...

The torso looks a bit weird like he's mashed two different torsos and her spine is broken, but as for "risqué" it's super tame.
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Shred Head
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Thats not sexy in the least people are acting like this was Trouble issue #1 or something. Its sad how Marvel will back peddle every time someone who would never buy a comic book gets triggered and makes a post on Tumblr instead of standing behind there talent and backing them up.

"Cold steel meets hot flesh! Thats why they call me Slash!"
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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
How ironic that yesterday we were talking about having a black April in TMNT and all of a sudden the very next day Marvel officially announces a black woman Iron Man.

What a coincidence!
A black April I don't think that would happen. According to Peter Laird, April is a white girl with Irish background.

Marvel is changing everything. I hope Marvel never put its hand on TMNT if Nickelodeon get tired of them.
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