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Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
A full plot break down of the pilot has surfaced online

Clark narrates his origin. Obligatory flashback to Krypton blowing up. The Kents finding him, Jon dying while Clark was a teen. Clark meets Lois at the Daily Planet. I hope this isn’t the only scene with Perry White in it. But it looks like he’s no longer around. He might not fare any better than he did in Smallville screen time wise Also Steve Lombard makes a cameo. No mention of Jimmy though.
Jump to the present post crisis. Clark and Lois have twins, Jonathan who is a jock, and Jordan who suffers from mental illness. Neither know who their dad is, though Lois wants to tell them. Clark doesn’t want them to feel alien like he did.
Superman and Sam Lane are surprisingly chummy. They are working together to see who is sabotaging nuclear power plants. Evidence points to a speedster. Superman sugggests that this may be the Flash’s problem.
Later Clark has a very bad day. He gets fired and he learns his mother died of a stroke within the same 15 minutes. Morgan Edge runs the Daily Planet. Apparently a free man post-crisis.
They go to Smallville for the funeral. We meet Lana and her family. Also Cobb is there too, no mention of Kathy though. Clark being older than he looks is addressed again. The Langs are in support of Morgan Edge which leading to drunken argument between Lois and Lana’s husband (Pete is namedropped at one point, but this isn’t him).
Lane shows up again, revealing that the stranger is leaving messages to Superman in a kryptonian language. Also it is revealed that both Lois and Clark remember pre and post crisis.
The twins later find Clark’s old spaceship in the barn after almost getting killed by fallen debrey. After they survive without injury Clark and Lois assume Jonathan has powers and tell them the truth. Later after surviving another accident, it is revealed Jordan is the one with powers. At the same time Superman has a fight with the mysterious stranger who attacked the nuclear power plants and left kryptonian messages. He reveals he is from a world that was destroyed by crisis. Revealing that he and Superman were archenemies in his world. Then he throws kryptonite at Superman and escapes.
Later Clark decides he’s going to try to get his farm up and running and try to keep Morgan Edge’s influence from spreading to SMALLVILLE.
Elsewhere, the mysterious stranger is revealed to be Lex Luthor
Oh boy No..just no. Throw it all away.
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