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Changes in the SOTO DVDs/BluRay

Just something I have noticed with my DVDs and BluRays and wondered if anyone else noticed the same thing. It's a minor thing but maybe it's because I watched this movie quite a bit as a kid that any changes stick out to me.

In my original version of this movie which I recorded off TV many many years ago, the scene at the end of the movie where they are fighting Tokka and Rahzar right before they break into the club has a line that is missing from the DVD copy I have.

When Rahzar is spinning Mikey around and Leonardo is thrown into Raphael and Donatello, you can hear Michelangelo call out "hey Leo!" and then Leonardo sits up and goes "M-Mikey?"

In my DVD and BluRay versions, Leonardo's line is still there but Michelangelo's line is missing. Anyone have any clue why?
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