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Originally Posted by D-ray View Post
Hope restored. Thanks.
The 2007 Movie tie in prequel centered on Leo also used the Ninja Tribunal and the Ancient One making an appearance.

Essentually part of Leo's journey was to find the answer to the riddle "The Five-Fold Path leads to the One"

He had successfully realized three of the five paths.
The Path of Courage
The Path of Compassion
and the Path of Selflessness

On the path of humility. Leo approaches the Ninja tribunal and states that he is the strongest of his brothers and he deserves the same training given to Hamato Yoshi.

The Ancient One childishly teases Leo and calls him Kumquat as he does in the 2k3 series.

The tribunal, on the other hand, turns their backs on him and say "By forsaking your family, you have learned nothing. You can't complete the five-fold path alone."

The Ninja tribunal arc is not one of the more loved arcs of the 2k3 series.
Also, the Ancient One is not a fondly remembered character IIRC, I could be wrong. He had his moments, but he was largely a character that felt unnecessary.

Still, if something like the 2007 movie could at least incorporate him into their narrative even if the incorporation wasn't widely noticed.
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