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Long tracks/songs

Generally, do you like them? You might want to ask me "define long". Well, I'd say once it reaches the double digits it's pretty safe to call a song long.

Like any other piece of music, as long as it's good, its length doesn't bother me. However, a long track better be really good to justify its length. Rime of the Ancient Mariner by the Iron Maiden is around 13 minutes long and is a great song from start to finish. So if a song is like 16 minutes long then it BETTER be great. Because often it happens for a long song to be like 5 minutes longer than it should be. Or just average despite its length. And it's hard to keep engaged like that.

Instrumental tracks are a bit of a different case. Lots of classical and jazz pieces are long and they're quite good. Ravel's Bolero is around 17 minutes long iirc, and it's a simple yet beautiful track. A rock or metal track will have a different structure and also will usually have lyrics, so different things require for it to be engaging.

Prog rock and metal are two genres notorious for longer tracks than average. Some I appreciate, others I don't.

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A lot of pop songs, especially from the Disco Years of the late 1970's and early 1980's, often end with repeating the refrain over and over again until everything is silent.
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Two of my favorite long Metal songs

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If it's rock then I'm less into "long" like Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, but more into "long" like STP's Where The River Goes.

But if it's dance then I'm less into a never-ending, droning trance repetition and more into an Armin Van Buren 2 hour mix.
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Child in time by Deep Purple, 10:18. One of my favorite songs growing up.
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Love them. Anything by Manowar tends to run pretty long, for example. And two of my favorite Guns N Roses songs are "Estranged" and "Madagascar", just to name a few.

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