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2007 Movie Turtles

I have more of a inquiry before an actual sale. Does anyone know the value of a full set of the 2007 movie figures. I have series 1 and 2 but none of the variants. All MIB. I see a lot of singles on eBay, but never really see a full set to figure their value. Thanks in advance.
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The turtles seem to do better as a set than as individuals. Of the secondary characters, Karai is probably most valuable/sought after. People also seem to prefer the first releases with no game or BigFoot stickers.

A picture would be helpful.
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Do you have a picture of the set?

I've been considering getting this set for a couple years but I've been waiting for a full set.

Also, Deadsy is one of my favorite bands. They were the first live band I ever saw.
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I suppose I could get them out and take a picture. I was more gauging the market value before I did all that. I wasn't sure if it was worth my time.
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