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Exclamation WeloveFine TMNT T-shirt Design Contest by cpbunnyart - Vote now!

I haven't posted in many years to this forum and it's good to see that it still thrives. I had fun reading through a lot of pages on the 2012 Nick Turtles episode discussion. I figured I'd show everyone my designs for the TMNT T-shirt design contest.

I'm the only one who did a 1980's version Leo being the IDW's Dark Leo so if you like that design PLEASE vote for me by voting with higher numbers (lower numbers mean you don't like it). You have to have an account at Welovefine to vote. I made 5 designs all together.

If you like any of my designs and like to see them (or one of them) on a T-shirt, please vote - voting ends in July.

Dark Leo (currently on page 12)

Tiny Turtle Power (currently on page 14)

Donnie X April Love Everlasting (currently on page 15)

Vampire Donnie biting April (currently on page 15)

Donnie's Hopeful Wishes of April becoming a Turtle (currently on page 16)

I did some MLPony ones too in the MLP contest if anyone here likes them too.

Since many are caring people on this forum, I figured I'd tell you of my dire plight to grant my mother's dying wish before she dies. If you're interested in knowing more and/or helping me, please visit my DA site and read this Journal:

Thank you in advance and I hope I'm welcomed back. Sorry for being away so long.
-AL aka cpBunny
See my TMNT art and stories:

Read my latest TMNT stories at
Darkest NT Evolution - Leo Willingly Becoming Dark & a Don X April plot
Meptiles Sequel of DoTT
April O'Neil is Now a Mutant Ninja Turtle

Also see my DA site for the adult fic removed - Donatello's Desire (redone & explicit)

If you enjoy my works, please review
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