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I loved Leo as a kid. Still do. I enjoyed Mikey, too. Raph and Don were kinda hit and miss for me in the OT (as a kid). Loved April in the OT and I really liked the Shredder villain.

2K3, I liked Don and Leo the best. Though I really enjoyed Raph and Mikey, too. Didn't really have a favorite villain, though. Though, I did really like that Monster Hunter episode.

2007, I liked Mikey and Don the best.

2012 is Raph for sure. I just really enjoy all the scenes with him. I like all the other turtles, too (Quite a bit). I don't know, this tends to change throughout shows. Mikey has been growing on me. Favorite villains so far is Karai, Bishop and Fungus. I also quite like Fishface.

Of course, I love April. She was just a really cool character.

And in the NES game (since I spent a lot of time playing that when younger), Mikey was my favorite turtle to pick- because his weapons were so different and the moves were a lot different than his brothers.
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