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Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
  • The future setting is an obvious attempt generate more interest, rather than a genuine change for the better.
  • It barely connects to the previous seasons.
  • It required an entire new cast of characters, most of whom sucked.
Those are definitely the reasons I didn't like it. I think the concept in general was good--even if it was a marketing-driven attempt to rejuvenate the property to regain flagging interest--but poorly executed.

Didn't like the way Cody was written, didn't like Serling at all. Too much comedy. Would've liked to see it hew closer to Mirage Volume 4, where the Utroms arrived on Earth, Turtles walking around in the daylight, blah blah blah.

I liked the idea of Dunn being the evil manipulative uncle, I liked the Dark Turtles... I think I liked most of the villains. Just all of the new supporting characters and the robot cop sucked.

Eh. It was what it was.
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