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Originally Posted by Roseangelo View Post
What's the sliding scale on the value of TMNT #1 these days? I'm in the process of having mine pressed and graded. It won't be 9.8, but a friend thinks it'll come back 9+.
What printing?
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I remember when "WHITE pages" was a clear indication of a fake.....
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Originally Posted by Mayhem View Post
What printing?

I don't have have specific expectations for having it come back at a certain grade. I got lucky with a buy about 19 years ago, so it'll turn out good for me no matter what.
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I mentioned that "Comic Tom" video on the first page but it was a long vid. They try to get more traction out of their videos by cutting them up in vignettes across the week, so anyone who wants to watch only the eight minutes of TMNT #1 Market talk can do it here.
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