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LOL!! On a serious note I think that Judith Hoag made the best April; Not that Paige Turco or Megan Fox did a horrible job at playing the role, but she was my favorite. As for erasing anything in the TMNT timeline..... I would of definitely erased the 1997 Live Action series The Next Mutation. Can't really say I was a fan of the show. They could of done so much better.
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You all know I mean even at a young age I thought Paige was a better April than Judith.

Venus and the show overall is a failure because of poor execution more than anything else. As much as I do not want a female Turtle I am not ready to burn down IDW offices, but rather see what comes next. Its because while the concept was not seen coming and does not appear to be a jump the shark in an attempt to get readership up and media focus. Its a creative decision based on the story that the writer wanted to tell.
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