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Andrew NDB
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Battlestar Galactica movie reboot

This one actually will be a reboot. Not to be confused with the Battlestar Galactica new TV show on Peacock that will continue the last show:

From the mind of Simon Snitchberg.
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I stopped watching the 2004 show like halfway through season 2 because of how tedious it really was. I find it a little insulting that the original show, which was conceptually about refugees running into all sorts of strange new things on the way to their new home, didn't even get 20 episodes. While the show that is nothing more than constant paranoia over androids and yapping about religion, that show somehow got 4 seasons and a spin-off adding up to almost 100 episodes.

Like I get that the original show was too expensive, which is why it got canned. And the newer show was probably more successful in part to the fact that the characters never ran into aliens, the Cylons almost exclusively looked exactly like humans, most scenes being filmed on the same sets and the look of different planets being achieved through ****ing light filters.

I get it, they probably saved a lot of money that way. But could they at least have come up with something a little more varied than paranoia over who is a spy or the villain having wet dreams about a woman converting him to monotheism? They're not bad themes but I felt the concept was missing some variety.
Originally Posted by JTH View Post
Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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Foot Elite
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I just don't understand how people like Simon Kinberg continue to get so much work with established properties like this. How many freaking chances are they gonna get?

Same thing with JJ Abrams, Akiva Goldsman and Alex Kurtzman.
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Mutant Tiger
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I hope they base this one around the original series rather then the recent ones.

The original series was a result of the popularity of Star Wars at the time.
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Old 10-24-2020, 07:07 PM   #5
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I dunno, man. I'm a huge BSG fan (obviously), but it's not like Star Trek where you can create a new series, new ship and crew, 100 years later.

Ronald D. Moore's interpretation was likely IT for me. I can't see any other take on BSG coming anywhere close.
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Mutant Tiger
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I also would love for them to make a new version of the classic theme.

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