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TheMasterTurtles Collection

Entertainment/Theater/Display Room

After walking down my steps, you'll turn right and see this - The entry to display area 1 which is my entertainment/ theater room. I've decked it out with 11 reclining theater seats, Surround Sound & a nice 65" flatscreen.

98% of this room is my stuff so I wanted my wife to have fun in here too - I got her this Harry Potter stuff and a popcorn machine.

Continuing on this wall we have my limited Lebowski print, Proton Pack, autographed Ghostbusters Poster, & Slimer wall relief which I have to paint still.

Last on this wall is my Tenacious D stuff - signed poster, Pick of Destiny Pic and concert ticket, an LP and other prints.

Just opposite of the Tenacious D stuff is more movie memrobillia: Goonies Props (Map, Copper Bones, Doubloon), Autographed Sean Astin & Corey Feldman Pics, Mezco Goonies figures, & Sloth Mask. On and in the display case is my replica Hoverboard, Shelf 1 has my Replica ooze canisters, test baby turtle from TMNT, Autographed TMNT VHS, some cassette tapes from the movies. Second shelf has my 1:6 scale ghostbustbusters. Third shelf & fourth shelf will have other 1:6 scale figures - Right now its only Snake Plisskin. Just right of the display case I have some BTTF stuff including my Christopher Lloyd autograph and eventually I'll display my Hot Toys 1:6 Marty McFly & DeLorean here.

Just another shot

Have some misc TMNT Posters, some cels above those including a height chart, ALF watching some TV, and my comic cabinet with exclusive prints, buttons, playmates statues, Leo Bust, & Sideshow Statues.


Do you have any Dinosaucers or a lead on where to get anything related to the show? PM Me Please!

Check out my collection!

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