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Gobusters is definitely a sentai worth checking out. Considering the ranger keys were still selling that year so they decided to do something a little different, which we see in things such as: pleather, real time transformation, robot companions per ranger, and amazing cockpits. As well as the show having amazing mech fights.

The only down side was that like Gekiranger, a semi-serious season, toy sales for Gobusters lacked and seems to be a failure in Bandai's eyes.

Only thing I could possibly recommend is watching Gobusters returns after the show's Christmas episodes as chronological that is when it takes place. Granted it basically Gobusters/sentai so it might be safe to save it last.

Honestly I would recommend all three skipped sentai (Gobusters, toqgers, zyuohger) maybe the other two over toq for aesthetics.

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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
I forgot to mention that I uninstalled Legacy Wars, I liked the idea but it wasn't implemented very well.

I've never watched Super Sentai, would you guys recommend Go-Busters? I'm not really interested in checking another sentai out, since I'd rather check the "inferior" power rangers version and the older ones are too old, so it's either that one or none at all.
Hmmm... tbh I didn't watch all of Go-Busters but I can definitely reccomend it if you are up for a more darker storyline. As far as I know, that season didn't really do well in its time. I loved the characters, the possible romance and the suits, although it took me a little time to egt used to them. i think it's worth checking out.
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blu-ray cover of Garo

Judging my Hdive, these will indeed be the remasters from last year, including episode 4

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