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Originally Posted by Xiewin View Post
Did you really have to bring crazy fans into this?

I've seen bad hardcore fans of the turtles all the time. I've seen leo fans who who think he doesn't have any flaws Or Mikey fans who hate Raphael because of his bully persona in the 2012 series. And i've seen hardcore Raphael fans who think he's always justified in his irrational actions and Don fans who think the other turtles are worthless without him. No difference really. You'll find them in every fandom.

They? wait hold on.
Seriously who and what Raphael fans? Casuals? Are you talking about on this forum? and who said that Raphael should always be in the forefront? No really, point them out to me or PM me a link. If Raph fans want him to be portrayed correctly it's a problem but if it's the other fans of the turtles then it's okay? I don't know why people on here think it's perfectly fine to talk bad about all Raph fans. We all don't think the same, and that accounts for every fan. Way to stereotype.

Good Lord.
Amen! Totally agree.
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