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well anyone who got this book good luck, I wish i'd have scooped it up

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Originally Posted by TheCanadiandrome View Post
well anyone who got this book good luck, I wish i'd have scooped it up
Me too bruhman
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New update went out this afternoon ...

Hello everyone. I apologize for the late update. I will address each of your questions and concerns over the weekend directly. As far as he next update, that will come Monday or Tuesday of next week.

I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with Chinese New Year, but it's a massive holiday. It is unlike any national holiday of ours here in the states. China is a huge country by population and has complex travel roads /routes roads due to mountains.

Chinese New year for one is celebrated for weeks to a month (3-6 weeks) by most. The factories usually shut down a few weeks prior to the holiday to allow time for travel. Another thing is that it has no set date. Last year it was celebrated in January and this year it is February. I've attached photos and information about the holiday straight from Google. I've also posted an article that explains the holiday.

I will have an update for everyone Monday or Tuesday since we are on opposite time zones. I will also answer all questions and emails sent this weekend directly by Monday of next week. Trust, the book will be worth the wait.

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I received that email also. Was the whole Chinese New Year thing supposed to be some kind of excuse why itís late? I didnít have a good feeling while reading that. It felt like a distraction although supposedly next week we should get a proper update.
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It's why he has no new information, he must be using a Chinese factory for part of this. I have experience with this and can tell you it's true. If you have work in the pipeline with a Chinese factory, then for what feels like almost an entire month each year they do literally ALL shut down and there is nobody to answer any inquires whatsoever. Then one day they all magically come to life again as if nothing happened. I think that day is actually going to be tomorrow this year, or soon anyway. They've been shut down for most of February.

Still, that doesn't explain why there was no update in January. If I ran this project I'd be sending an update at LEAST once a month, even if there was no news to report, because the fact that I wasn't dead or running off to the Turks and Caicos with all my Kickstarter money would itself be an update.
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Old 03-02-2018, 08:33 AM   #106
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Welp ... a full week with no new information. Ugh.

27 years of loving everything Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
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Originally Posted by RaphaelinSTL View Post
Welp ... a full week with no new information. Ugh.
I'm a backer of the TMNT Blood Brothers fan film. It often goes dark, information-wise. And it doesn't bother me at all.

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I got an email with a new update this morning:

"Instead of the traditional update, I wanted to email everyone directly. In my last update, I explained about the delay in the shipment, mainly due to the Chinese New Year holiday schedule, which itself is a month long holiday where everything is shut down. The books did not make the sail cut-off date as posted in the last update. This was due to a multitude of issues from shipment scheduling to a packaging issue. Originally I wanted to use a blister packaging, but in the end, it would have delayed the books even further. There was another delay with the molds and transporting them to the manufacturer. Therefore, I made the conscious decision and opted for a foil-like packaging that is often used with trading cards and blind box vinyl. It is still unique. It consists of a simple heat seal and looks amazing.

No one is more upset about the delays than I am. As upset as I am, it does not change the issue at hand. I did not want to give an update without concrete confirmation. I had to personally make sure that there were no further delays before updating you this time. So here it is.

I do have confirmation now that they will be shipped this week. Mailing the books by air is not feasible, the weight of the books and price would cost more than the amount raised. So now it is again a waiting game. However, I ensure you that there will not be any other shipment delays from overseas. Shipment to the US will be 6-7 weeks (roughly two months) after which they will be processed by customs.

The proper unveiling of the book is also finally upon us with the proper packaging. Again, it will be by one of the biggest YouTube vloggers. I will be doing a final review of the extras and the packaging in about three weeks, maybe sooner.

I think I have addressed everything here. However, my contact number is below for anyone who feels the need to reach out. The purpose of the number is for the same purpose of the personal email. I could have done a general update, but I am emailing directly. This is by far my most rigorous project to date. Mainly due to the pressure that I put on myself. There will be a many execs awaiting the book. So I created something that both your and Nickelodeon would be proud of. This book, especially this version will never be available again. I could not be happier with the final project and soon you will appreciate it as well.

Finally, I want to thank you all for your patience and understanding through this situation which will hopefully be resolved soon

Best Regards,"

I'm not including his number, but I did want to share the new information.
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Christ, at this rate we wont see the book until June or July....
Originally Posted by Panther10 View Post
Bump and just a quick FYI:

I was able to buy this figure from Lunar Toys. They ended up getting a few more of the Special editions in stock so I grabbed one. So I'm no longer in the market for a First Gokin NT-01
Originally Posted by I Crave Pizza No More View Post
Congrats! Did you get the special edition with the chrome parts, or just the standard version?
Originally Posted by Powder View Post
Says right there he got the special edition, mane.
Originally Posted by I Crave Pizza No More View Post
You're right! D'oh!
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