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That sucks Indigo, sorry to hear, also that you had to find out on-line rather than being told.
It's sad seeing so many stores/companies going under or closing a lot of stores.
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Team Blue Boy
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Thanks. Yeah, and especially sad that the roots of this company go back to 1886. The whole thing is likely doomed sooner or later.

I feel for my managers having to tell people yesterday and this morning. It's probably a shock as, from what I heard from my direct manager, we were expecting some changes to an extent in the store early in the year (combining my team and the cashiers; rearranging part of the upstairs), but we were not at all expecting to close.

Pretty ironic really that while government talks about supposedly saving jobs, and now a tax cut that is supposed to benefit companies and, some might try to believe, us little people... this happens. Retail is ignored in the job saving heroism rhetoric and as I damn well knew, those tax cuts will just go right into the pockets of those at the top that have been making all these failing decisions yet still paying themselves millions, while cutting the rest of us out... (And lost jobs, well, then what income is there even to tax or give a cut to...)

I do worry about the likes of Amazon eating most everything else alive. If that ends up being where a lot of would-be retail workers end up someday... I was already there for a short time once a number of years ago and, while it may be great on the customer side, it is not a place you want to be as a worker. Even their corporate offices are supposedly a terrible, soul killing environment. Anyone who can work for Amazon long term and not end up emotionally dead inside deserves a medal.

edit: Local article mentioned that my store has been there since 1963...

1/6 - These temperatures we've been having for WAY too long need to frigging stop. I'd say these temps should go to hell, but then hell will just freeze over! (And lord knows what would happen then, given all the things that are said wouldn't happen until it did freeze over... lol)

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I thought I left the playground behind about 25 years ago ;o).

sigh...children everywhere.
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Originally Posted by Vegita-San View Post
I thought I left the playground behind about 25 years ago ;o).

sigh...children everywhere.
You almost sound like you have a problem interacting with people, both online and offline.
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It only took 30 years
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All these fanfic ideas and not a clue of where to put them and no idea how to make them work together...
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