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The Iron Maiden thread

Why? Because they're the GOAT Metal band, that's why!

Favourite songs? Albums?

I'd say Maiden's body of work up until Seventh Son of the Seventh Son is pretty strong. And that you could make a case for ranking any of those albums as their best.
From No Prayer for the Dying on, however, Maiden have had some hit and misses. I'd say the best albums they made after 7th Son were Brave New World(Bruce's return album) and Dance of Death.

My personal rank in order of preference of any of Iron Maiden's albums between their self-titled album and 7th Son changes according to my mood. But I'm gonna say it's either Piece of Mind or Powerslave that's #1 in my heart.

As for my least favourite Maiden albums, well the dead last one would be Virtual XI, easily. Then it'd be either The X Factor or A Matter of Life and Death. I don't even think The X Factor is a lousy album, but the Blaze era wasn't that good overall. Man on the Edge is a kick ass track, however! I also am nota big fan of Fear of the Dark, overall. Rather meh album despite a few good songs in it. I even prefer NPFTD to it since it has one of my all-time favourite songs ever in it and also has Holy Smoke, another song of theirs that I really like.

As for favourite songs? Well, this is a very tough question, because they have so many great songs. Lemme try and make a top 10, in no order:

Rime of the Ancient Mariner
2 Minutes to Midnight
The Number of the Beast
The Trooper
Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter
The Nomad
Stranger in a Strange Land
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Man on the Edge

...and I'm leaving many other great tracks off the list!

Ever seen Maiden live? Saw them live in May 2013. It was fun, but I can't believe they left out Hallowed Be Thy Name and yet played Afraid to Shoot Strangers of all songs. Like wtf

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