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Create your own mutant warrior(s)

See if you can create your own mutants. It can be real animals mutated into human-like or humans mutated into an animal or plant he/she touched. See if maybe there can be those who adapted to certain styles of fighting like ninjutsu.

- Based on: ?
Animal/Plant: ?
Gender: ?
Age: ?
Alignment: Good/Evil/Neutral
Occupation: ?
Affiliation: The Turtles/The Foot/Mighty Mutanimals/Purple Dragons/The Pantheon/EPF/Others
Fighting Style/Martial Arts: ?
Weapon(s): ?
- Abilities: ?

Story: ?
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Fan Works Discussion

Shouldn't this be in the Fan Works Discussion?
Because of continuity and timeline errors, I've given up writing fanfiction based on the 1987-1996 animated television series. Instead, I'm trying to reboot the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles story, something many other fanfiction writers already do:

Hopefully, stories will later appear at
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In b4 busty cat/fox girl waifus.

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I already did this for a fanfic, oddly enough. His name is Corvus, aka Dr. Eric Allen, half-brother to deceased scientist Chet Allen. He is, as the name suggests, a mutant raven. Not so much a warrior, but I added him to my Mutanimals roster as a scout/recon and tech-support character in my AU stories. Also, his "real" name was sort of a double nod to both Eric Draven/The Crow, and Edgar Allen Poe. The fact that Fugitoid used the name Chet Allen as his disguise identity in IDW just made it even more perfect! Eric is around mid-30's, is aligned with the turtles and Mutanimals, worked with his brother at Stock-Tronics, and has little fighting ability, but can create devices to help him and his friends evade or infiltrate enemies. He's a bit of a pacifist and philosopher, and also very spiritual, having been raised by his Native-American mother (who may or may not turn out to be my universe's Radical) in NA traditional beliefs. He can fly, and is an excellent voice mimic, as well as stealth. Not strong, but agile and quick, and extremely intelligent.

His mutation was the product of one of Shredder's experiments with the ooze, having been kidnapped and forced to wear a mind-controlling collar that delivered painful jolts if they tried to resist commands. He was in a cell with Hob, Gecko, Koya, Alopex, and Rockwell/Monkeybrains when the turtles and Leatherhead rescued them all. The former mutant captives and LH eventually banded together to become the Mutanimals, with Hob and LH leading, and also took in Slash, Tokka and Rahzar after Shredder and Krang were defeated, since the latter three mutants were left with no direction and little ability to survive on their own, being much like their OT and movie counterparts in this universe. Corvus took on a role as medic and counselor to the team, as well as working with LH and Rockwell on technical matters. There are also hints that three other previous captives may have escaped, namely Sally Pride, Man-Ray, and Jag-war, and a Foot ninja who had been mutated into a tiger (TigerClaw) and sent on a mission in Japan.
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Thought of this off the top of my head.

After left over ooze is discovered in the sewer it’s collected and sent to a lab. Lead scientist Deon Milo has some dribble onto her lab coat due to a cracked vile. Not noticing she stores it and removes her gloves.

She goes back to her to office at the end of the day but stops to water her Venus fly trap at the window. She checks the soil and wipes her hand on her coat smearing the ooze.

Later she starts to feel strange and knows the ooze has something to do with it even though she washed her hands. Her skin is changing and suddenly has a craving to taste bugs...“Venus” Dee Milo.

Her appearance is not full blown plant. Has control over morphing but skin will become greenish when using her abilities.

Can grow hair like vines for trapping. Stretches her mouth/jaw open in a monstrous way with sharp teeth. Can regrow limbs (but not immediately). Can turn other Venus flytraps into temporary minions.

Based on: Any. Alignment: Neutral. Affiliation: Other.
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This really should be in the Fan Creation section the more I think about it. But eh, maybe someone will move it later. I have like...a half idea.

I don't know the name or gender of the character but I think a mutant goblin shark would be cool. Alignment would be neutral and most likely a pirate because come on, goblin shark.

The problem is this character actually starts in space instead of earth meaning they are more alien than mutant. Is strong enough to be a brawler but can use firearms, due to the pirate theme, their sword skills are probably better than their aim.

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