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I love that they are bringing in the more obscured characters that only the oldschool fans know.

I wonder if this is a character we will see popup elsewhere, I could see a character like that maybe appear in the IDW comics.
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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
Is this game worth playing?
I have a hard time saying it's a game one plays. You buff up the characters in between battles, then you select your team, and watch the melee play out. You have some control over when and where your character specials can be deployed, but it's minimal and it doesn't make much difference from auto-play. My Kindle has a hard time running the game without crashing, so I don't bother with it much. But I do appreciate the art style.

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The Deadman
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I started playing it the other day. I got to stage 5 before the opponents started to become overpowering and now I have to upgrade my team slowly but surely every day, lol.

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