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Originally Posted by Utrommaniac View Post
I do think that Splinter is being controlled to some capacity.

For the Rat King, the Foot-EPF teamup would mean bringing chaos on faster than without their team up, but that would mean Splinter being unrelentingly insistent that the people trying to kill mutants like him are good partners for fighting off aliens.

We've Splinter show similar behavior to this before - when he was demanding to focus on Shredder as a low-level threat over the high-level threat that was the Technodrome. The differences is that the turtles were able to get him to sit down and shut up. This time, it's different.

But there is one interesting thing I just realized about Splinter's behavior:

Donatello almost died the last time he took their advice. Why should he do it again if it means the risk of losing one of his sons again. And this time...he doesn't have Fugitoid around to help.
It's a fair point, but it severely undercuts Splinter as a character and makes him much less interesting. I don't want that.

And last time he was focused on the wrong threat, he was only responsible to his four sons. Now he is responsible to an entire clan as well as his four sons. And he's trying not to show favoritism to his sons, as we've seen time and again.

All of this is believable for Splinter acting on his own, even though it is heavily misguided and shortsighted.

Last time, he didn't focus on the world-ending galactic threat and instead focused on the personal vendetta. This time, he's doing the opposite... but he's wrong again!

Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
Yeah I think Slash will eventually die, not anytime soon but a bit further down the line. He died in the Archie series (granted all the Mutanimals including Leatherhead died in Archie), but his continued control by Bishop makes it obvious his character is going to try to redeem himself.

As said, Bishop inevitably leading to Slash's death will cause Old Hob to go beserk over losing his first real friend and oldest member of the Mutanimals and would seek vengeance. It would make a great arc in the future.
I'd love that. I really really would.

I don't see any way for Slash to come to terms with this. Ever. Shattered psyche, right here. He's going to be a tortured soul, take out Bishop at the cost of his own life (or fail trying), and Hob is going to be pissed.

Points to Cubed for pointing out that Slash is Hob's first (and maybe only?) friend!
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