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Originally Posted by Y2Josh View Post
I don't know how much effort goes into a repaint wave like the DIC wave, but I can't imagine it would be enough to take away from an actual new wave (I could certainly be wrong on that). Super7's bigger problem (ignoring poor QC for this point) is that they just have way too many licenses and, so far as it seems, are spread too thin across them. So I think all the lazy repaints are like a stopgap measure for them, keeping the line going while they try to play catch-up. If you look at the Ultimates line when they started TMNT, they had way fewer licenses than they do now... and they were still struggling to keep up. That problem has only been exacerbated with the flood of new licenses (the Triceraton will have been something like a two-and-a-half year wait by the time we get it - and their target is supposed to be... six months?).
It's takes away from a wave when the variant wave was called WAVE 6. Wave 6 should be something like Shipwreck, Firefly, Quick Kick, Tomax/Xamot etc....NOT a stupid re-colored variant set making up a new wave (which hardly anybody bought into resulting in the wave 6 being cancelled)

Each wave takes a long time to make. A variant wave just gets in the way, as it was never billed as some "special wave", but was actually wave 6. Too many REAL characters to make than boring ass variants of the same characters over and over.
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