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D Piddy 1982
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IDW TMNT #100 fans cover variant!

TD forum

Iíll be the first to admit I donít frequent the forums as much as I used to, or as much as Iíd like, so Iím not expecting a huge reaction for this idea.

How about any aspiring artists out there, of any ability, all create our own cover art for TMNT #100? And share here?

It would be AMAZING if we could get 20-30 pieces. And who knows if there are some good ones they might even get noticed by some of the IDW staff!

I think it would be a cool way for some of the fans to commemorate the 100th issue.

Loads of IDW characters from the last 100 issues to pick from, or simply use the 4 brothers!

I would say there would be no real rules but it would be cool if we all used the basic TMNT cover template (main TMNT logo at the top, IDW logo and bar code top left etc). To make it look like an actual cover.

Any thoughts? Any interest?

Could help anyone with artists block or give someone a goal or target to achieve.
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Unworthy tinker
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Heck yes, I'd love to contribute. I don't think I'm a great artist, and certajnly not a big artist in the fandom, so even if not that, I'd just like to see what everyone else can do.
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