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Major Layoffs At IDW

This follows a series of redundancies and reorganisations last year at IDW. This is what I am hearing right now, but details are subject to change and I will be editing to reflect that and to amend any pub typos. Here are the redundancies/firings that we know about so far.

Amber Huerta, Chief People Officer & Chief Operations Officer at IDW Media Holdings

Timea Spoon, Senior HR Manager at IDW Publishing which means that all of HR has gone. And since there is no more HR department, the firings are being carried out by Finance and Legal, not the co-publishers or EIC.

Daniela Diiorio, Director of Development at IDW Entertainment…so only Daniel Hendrick is left there now.

Deon Carrico, Project Manager at IDW Publishing

Kristen Simon, Group Editor, Collections, Graphic Novels and New Initiatives at IDW Publishing

IDW had already cut around 40% of staff in the last few years, and a number of people have quit in the past year, including Scott Dunbier as Bleeding Cool reported earlier this week… and they still had to do more layoffs.

Bleeding Cool offers out commiserations and well wishes to those suffering the slings and arrows. We hope for better days for all involved. And if you are in that bar in California, have a whisky on me. It's been that kind of day.

UPDATE: IDW have provided the following statement to Bleeding Cool.

"IDW did make the tough but strategic decision to reduce five positions today. This is part of a strategy to create a more efficient IDW, and one that will be better able to delight fans for years and years to come.We are grateful for the years of commitment and hard work, and wish abundant success to those affected."
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Coola Yagami
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How to fix IDW.

More Turtles, more Sonic. Fire the clowns, hire more talent.
"I was down with TMNT once, but then they changed what TMNT was. Now what I was down with is no longer TMNT and what TMNT now is seems weird and scary. And it'll happen to YOU."

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I remember....
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