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Originally Posted by Cure View Post
Ha! I'm either so used to it or I'm just too sick to have noticed. I mean it's not like my name is normal.

Originally Posted by Prowler View Post
What collection is the one on the left?
While on the right is a collection, the theme here was "collector's editions", not collections. It's Croket! 4, based on a kids' manga (I remember seeing it in CoroCoro when I was in high school, because I would buy that book for Pokemon cards). It's a platform fighter. This collector's edition came with a manga and three trading cards so I thought it wasn't bad for under $20.
LOOKING FOR Japanese TMNT video game manuals (specifically TMNT2/3 NES, all on Game Boy, TMNT4/RoS), or just scans

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Still playing WOW and some fighting games.
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Just purchased 3 new Switch games: Minecraft, Captain Toad Treasure Tracker and Go Vacation.

I started playing Captain Toad and Go Vacation. I also played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and got all the gold 2 stars on 200cc.
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I played through Kholat, an adventure/horror game. It was atmospheric enough to keep me going.

Through the Golden Door
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Iíve been playing Horizon Zero Dawn. Based on the reviews and the buzz surrounding the game when it was released I was expecting the second coming. I have to wonder whether any of the reviewers actually played the game. Iím not saying itís a bad game, but itís not that great either.

It has a cack-handed and overly complicated control scheme that doesnít get any less frustrating after playing the game for a month (there is a special place in hell for developers who use R3 as the sprint button). Inventory management is overwhelming at first and becomes tedious when you get the hang of it. The skill tree is pretty straightforward but annoyingly, the game doesnít auto save after you add a new skill, so if you die afterwards, you have to do it again. The combat is simplistic but itís also frustrating as itís one of those games where once you attack, you have to wait for the animation to finish before you can dodge or redirect further attacks.

Some enemy attacks create absurd amounts of splash damage, to the point that there is nothing you can do to avoid taking a hit, which would be OK if the enemies werenít flying too high for you to see them in the gameís tiny field of view, and if you didnít have to hit R3 to sprint every time you lost momentum, and if the health kit button wasnít up on the frigging d-pad, making it awkward to reach.

The plot is OK. Itís a cool idea, if not a bit half-assed and derivative. The acting is passable, and the cut-scenes are not too intrusive, even if they are mega-boring and stiff.

Having said all that, I am having fun playing Horizon Zero Dawn and I do think itís a good game, but the review copies must have been laced with ecstasy or something because this thing sounded like a masterpiece, and the game Iím playing is a B- at best.
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