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Originally Posted by AquaParade View Post
Just don't make it so the whole story was simply a dream from the boy who lost the turtles down the sewer drain so many years ago.
that'd be one HECK of a dream we were talking about!

kid would have had to have been in a years-long coma!!

...actually, that'd be verrrrrrrrrrrrrry interesting!

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Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
Well in another 6 months PL turns 64, so I'm not sure how many more years he can wait before he loses interest 100%.

As I said if it doesn't happen within at least the next 2 years or so, I don't believe it ever will.

you have no idea of the power that self created material has on you.none of us can actually really understands the bond peter and kevin share to their turtles I think. this has nothing to do with age here...pete could one day come around the corner and knock everyone and their sister out of the universe with a dramatic, organic and interesting turtles volume 4 continuation
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He originally said the reason he took a break from Volume 4 was that he lost interest and didn't feel attached to the Turtles as much since the sale to Viacom in 2009. PL even said he never read most of the Tales of the TMNT issues that Mirage was still publishing at the time in the later half from 2006-2010.

If PL didn't even bother to read every comic published by his own company and fellow Mirage writers/artists, you can tell he wanted to distance himself from the property for awhile.
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