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Ecto Jedi
Denki Wo Kitte Kudasai
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My blog

Alright, so I've had this blog for about two years now. Many of you have probably already visited, seeing as how it's been in my sig for all this time -- and the fact that I've shamelessly plugged it any time I could. 'Natch.

Any-hoo, Xanga's finally updated their service, giving users much more freedom in terms of site layout and design, so it's finally beginning to look like something halfway decent. Granted, it doesn't have much going for it in terms of neat graphics and such, but I hope to get that adressed soon.

Apparently now non-Xanga users can post comments as well, so I'd really like to hear from you guys if one my posts piques your interest.

But more to the point: anybody have any tips, hints, comments about the look of the site? Please share them with me. I put a lot of effort into writing my blog posts (although I do so erratically), and I'd very much like the site layout to reflect the time I put into it. Would anyone be interested in helping me out in terms of graphics/designs/backgrounds? If so, then we can talk further through PM.

Thanks in advance, guys. Remember, tell me what you think of the site. It's very basic right now -- it doesn't look like much compared to a lot of other sites. I think it has potential, though. And please try to keep it as constructive as possible; I have a very fragile ego.
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Looks like you hit it big after plugging on these forums. I wonder if there is a conection between posting here and being featured on xanga's hot sites?
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