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Nortock Diab
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Guzzi LeMans The Collected Strips (Jim Lawson)

Hi everyone,

Most of you probably know the Guzzi LeMans character created by Jim Lawson, she was featured in Plastron Café published by Mirage and also had a 2-issue mini-series published by Antarctic Press.

A lesser known use of the character is a series of strips which was published in a motorcycle monthly in the early 2000’s. Nearly 40 strips (half-pages or full pages) were drawn at this time.

However, finding issues of this monthly is no easy task today and a complete set of the strips rather impossible.

I felt really lucky when Jim sent me some copies of the original pages and I immediately started working on crafting them into a comic book to better enjoy the art and storytelling.

I sent Jim a copy, he was pleased with the result and gave me his blessing to print some more copies.
Thank you Jim!

Then, if anyone is interested in owning this new classic Jim Lawson book and reading the entire strip series, that is the right time to let me know!

Here are some details about the book (as well as the cover and some pictures of inside pages):
  • Comic book size
  • 44 pages
  • 35 pages of comic-book
  • Editorial material
  • Cover in color, inside pages in B&W

Cost per copy will depend on the print run but a good estimation is that it will fall in the $6-8 range.

International shipping (outside of France) for 1 copy would be:
  • $8.5 not tracked
  • $11.5 tracked

Depending on the demand, a combined shipment with local dispatching can be considered if it helps reducing costs.

I am happy to answer any questions!

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I'm interested in a copy!

Love to have a collection of all that vintage Jim Lawson work.

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Andrew NDB
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To be clear, this is the entire collection of the strips, or just a portion?
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