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Something's been bugging me since rewatching Season 4 from the start: Fugitoid mentioned that their space suits came with "alien language translators"

Does that mean that all the while, most of the space aliens weren't conversing with the turtles (and each other, for the matter) in English, but in their respective native language instead? While the language translators were performing two-way conversion for the turtles to seamlessly blend in to all the alien conversations?

And by aliens, I mean all of them including the Triceratons, the Salamandrians, the Utroms, the Aeons, Hiidrala, Lord Dregg, Armaggon, Wyrm, Bellybomb and all the other random aliens they met at Planet Varanon and Zayfod's Cantina. Of those, we know for sure that the Salamandrians also came equip with language translators (as Newtrailizer used it on earth before), the Utrom/Kraang suits have them too, and the Triceraton possibly have them as well (which explains Zog's ability to converse on earth). If you recall, the Triceratons' native alien language sounds like "whoop... whoop" as heard in their spaceship pilot communications, so they can't possibly converse with the turtles without a translator BEFORE the turtles met Fugitoid at the end of Annihilation Earth! Well... unless they learned English beforehand, like Kraang Prime/Sub-prime did

So, throughout the entire space arc, the turtles' language translators were in action which allowed the turtles (and us!) to hear all the dialogs in English, but they were really alien language in actual situation? What happens when multiple alien races converse at the same time? This is pretty mind-blowing if you truly think of it
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