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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Saw it. I went in expecting something mediocre but kind of stupid fun... but it was great! Super fun. The trailers don't give away much. Lots of surprises and it's actually very cleverly written. Hilarious and still manages to pull the heart strings. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is in it WAY more than I figured from the previews.
If it were to happen, do you think that Jeffrey Morgan could write a great script for a Gauntlet movie?
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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
The bad: the two corporate villains. They still work, but pretty one note.
Those two were irritating. It's bad news when a CGI monkey is a better actor than the villains.

I liked a lot of it, but I thought they pulled the 'The Rock is about to be eaten but the monkey saves him at the last minute' gag a few too many times.
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I thought the movie was just all right. The second half of it was much more entertaining and action-packed than the first. I know they wanted to change the tone from the video game, but I was hoping it would be a little more fun. I did like the chemistry between Johnson's character and George.

Plus, it was really cool to see George devour an evil character like Claire.
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Just saw the movie and I enjoyed it. I am really happy that giant monster movies are making a comeback.
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