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Hamato Yoshi
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singer Jahn Teigen RIP

Very famous in esp Norway and Sweden.....fellow singer Hanne Krogh said that if Jahn had been born in the UK hed been a major star , like Elvis he had tremendous stage presence and like E he went from rock to more ballads.

Mostly known for Voodoo '76 (skeleton costume was controversial and NRK was reluctant to air it) and scoring zero points in Eurovision - which in no way broke his spirit.

Later he would join comedy trio Prima Vera , which was similar to Monty Python.
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Handsomest Boy in School
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I've never heard of this guy, so I did some reading. Pretty interesting life! Were I a luckier, gutsier guy I'd have followed a similar path in life. I'll have to watch some of his stuff.

I had no idea Eurovision was that old. That's the one Lordi won, right? I was thrilled to see that.
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"Zero-Dollar" Sonic
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I hope he'll be at peace.

Rest easy, Jahn Teigen.
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