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Other Mirage Comics

I was reading some of the volume 1 TMNT issues I bought a couple of months ago and noticed the ads for other Mirage comics that were being published at the time.

Two in particular caught my eye: "Gizmo" and "The Puma Blues"

Anyone have these? How are they (I think they looked great!)?

I'm going to look for them next time I go to the comic store (I'm assuming they'd be found under "Mirage comics").

What other Mirage comics do you recommend?
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Raph's Girl
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I have Gizmo... there's 8 issues all together. 6 normal and a 2 part crossover with Fugitoid.

It's pretty good...It's about this guy who's a freight operator that has a talking ship. He gets involved in wakky situations.

I've never even heard of The Puma Blues. There's apperantly 25 issues tho....hmm...
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the puma blues was written by steve murphy (who is doing Tales... just now, and umbra for image comics) and drawn by michael zulli (who did the 'souls' trilogy in vol 1 - #31, #35 and #36) and some stuff on sandman....

never checked it out myself, had a coupla looks on ebay but cant afford all that, just wish they'd release it all on tpb!
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original TMNT art collection
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Raph's Girl
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Puma Blues IS on TPB... it's called The Puma Book.

I found a website where you can order all 25 issues or just the TPB.

I ended up finding the first 12 issues online for free tho....It's a rather um.. odd series.

Since it was written 20 years ago it has a rather unique view on what the future (that actually being the year 2000) is like.

According to the story, sometime in 1996 the president was assasinated and some terrorists blew up most of NYC in a nuclear explosion (well the Bronx at least).

The lead character (who is actually a human) is some sort of animal control scientist who shoots at the weirdest of creatures in this forest for the government....the first issue he shoots (dunno if he's killing them or not) a flying Manta..... it's a Sting Ray that the air....not in water..... Crikey.

You can order the first 23 issues here:

And you can order the TPB's here:

If you like a story about how we can work better to help the environment then read it...otherwise you're not really missing much.

You can also order all the issues at this site.... They're $3 each.

Now amongst those Mirage books shown on that one I have:
Bade Biker (altho I have yet to read em)
Casey Jones and Raphael (which is the start of a 4 parter called Bodycount... possably the most bloody TMNT comic the most bloody comic series I've ever read period)
Gizmo (A cute series)
Donatello (Aka The King)
Gizmo and Fugitoid
Gobbledygook (There's a really good Triceraton story in it. But it's mostly about non-TMNT related anthromorphic animals)
Grunts (Anthromorphic war stories....another good one)
Michaelangelo Christmas Special (which includes a Raphael story in which Raph is visited by the 3 ghosts *lol*)
Tales of Leonardo Blind Sight (The TPB comes out in January)

I am definatly gonna have to get all those comics I don't have.... like TMNT/Flaming Carrot...

I'd wonder why they only have one of the Savage Dragon crossovers (there's like 4) but the rest were Image (as were the rest of Bodycount)

I've never even heard of Xenotech, Stupid Heroes, Rockola, or Prime Slime. I've seen the ads for Dino Island and Bioneers tho. And they made a movie out of Space Usagi.
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Here's some more info on some of the above-mentinoed non-TMNT comics by Mirage.

Fugitoid (1985): one-shot starring Fugitoid that leads into TMNT #5

Gizmo 1-6 (1986-1987): by Michael Dooney (see above descriptions)

Gizmo and the Fugitoid 1-2 (1988 or 89): by Michael Dooney and Peter Laird - Gizmo and Fugitoid have a run-in with the Triceratons

Bade Biker and Orson 1-4 (1986-1987): a great series by Jim Lawson in his more kiddie mode starring a drifter and his anthropomorphic frog buddy)

Prime Slime Tails 1-2 (1986): by Tony Basilicato - a crappy rip-off of the old Heathcliff cartoon

Rockola (1988 or so): by Ryan Brown - a fairly weak and very dated collection of rock n' roll gag strips

Hallowieners (1990): by Ryan Brown - I've never been able to find this but the promotional art I've seen looks sweet - hot dog monsters!

Dino Island 1-2 (1993): by Jim Lawson - Amelia (probably Earhart) ends up on a planet full of dinosaurs

Xenotech 1-3 (1993-1994): by Michael Dooney - part of Mirage's Next Comics imprint - seems somewhat inspired by Marvel and Image Comics trends of the time, a super team book

Stupid Heroes 1-3 (1993-1994): by Peter Laird - part of the Next Comics line - very very Jack Kirby-ish

Bioneers 1 (1994): by A.C. Farley - part of the Next Comics line and definitely the most interesting of the group, only lasted one issue

Everything else is described in the above posts.
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I think Melting Pot and ... some peculiar Dino Commandos comic came out of Mirage too back in the day.
I'm pretty sure they were under the Mirage label. They both had Kevin or Peter involved. Those old ads in the back of the early Mirage books are a trip.
The 80s were the best for black and white comics!
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I always loved Plastron Cafe I wish it went on longer!
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hey everyone. first post. WOOT!

everyone should check out a story about "old Donatello" in one of the issues of Plastron Cafe by Laird. very touching.

i have the gizmo series (including his first issue at Chance enterprises, i think it is?) as well as gizmo and fugitoid. it's cute, perhaps a little too cute for me. if you're interested, you can PM me.

fugitoid is sweet, fits in right between issues 5 and 6 i believe. oversized, and you can see the artistic progression of eastman and laird in these early pages.

if anyone has extra copies of michaelangelo, donatello, or raphael (2nd print), let me know!!!
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