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Variety of original figures (UK seller)

I'm having a clearout and have decided to part with my handful of original TMNT action figures and playsets.
Realistically I think these will only be available to UK buyers as the cost to send overseas will be more than they're worth (unless someone tells me otherwise).
I don't think there's anything rare or valuable in there other than a few of them are the "softhead" variants which I know makes them a tiny bit more collectable.

It's also worth noting that all these are the US toys NOT the UK "Hero Turtles" versions - my dad got them for me from the US on various business trips before Turtles became popular in the UK. I imagine the only difference is in the packaging though.

The figures all come with their original card backs (NO plastic bubbles) and the playsets are boxed (boxes in good condition - may have a few very minor wrinkles) but don't have any instructions or inner card packing - it's just the outer box.
The figures from the very first wave also have a selection of their original brown plastic weapons/stands - will do my best to match up the correct accessories to each figure based on what I can find online.

You can see the pictures bigger on my Flick account:

I'm not really a collector of the figures so don't know what to ask for them. I'm certainly not expecting to get that much - just make an offer.
There will be postage costs on top too of course, but I'll only charge what it costs to send - no profiteering.
I've traded with a few people on here before (both UK and US) if you need any references!
Also happy to take more pictures.

Leo (soft head I think - it's not shiny, got a tiny bit of give when you squeeze really hard and no mould line down the side)
Raphael (soft head)

Shredder (soft head. Does come with sword, just forgot to give it to him in the pic. You can see it in the general weapons pic)
Splinter (soft head - bit of damage round the neck where small chunk of plastic broke off. Has been repaired and you'd probaly never know if I hadn't told you but I like to be 100% honest about these things!)
Bebop (missing a dagger)

Casey Jones
Raph Space Cadet

Retromutagen Ooze (just empty container and figure)

Retrocatapult (no ooze, just container. One side of box has a tear and one edge signs of minor crush - see picture)

Flushomatic (no ooze, just container)


Cards and wepaons

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Hope my post doesn't give you false hope for buyer prospects but I just wanted to ask, how on earth did you remove the bubbles from the cards so perfectly? Doesn't look as if any of the art got damaged, they're seemingly perfect! I'd love to apply whatever technique you used on future in-package purchases. Thanks in advance & good luck with your sales.
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I cut the raised portion of the bubble off the card using a sharp craft knife.
You can't really see it in these smaller pictures but it leaves the flat part of the bubble glued to the card.
You can see it on some of the cards if you look at the larger pictures on Flickr:
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