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TMNT: The Stop-Motion-ish/Fan Fic Movie

Anyone remember the Shellraiser contest? When you had to submit short stop-motion videos? Well, I've set in motion to continue that with something more along the line of feature length with my own fan fiction of TMNT using various TMNT and non-TMNT vehicles/playsets/figures/accessories etc. from my own ever-expanding diorama I have at home. You can check the Toy Discussion threads to see some pics of my dioramas as they are pretty much set up in ways that I have been filming certain scenes. Most of the pics are basically like screen caps. I been writing and re-writing a story that I thought was interesting and intriguing enough to capture you guys attention and make you guys feel all "warm-and-fuzzy-nostalgic" but after reading some of you guys ideas I've decided I don't want just my own vision/voice on this project. I would like the contribution of other minds. So if interested, please reply and let me know any ideas you have of plot or setting or anything you would like see or to be told in this story that you wouldn't mind sharing. ...or if you have any advice or tips for me as this is my first project of this kind. Looking forward to you guys input...

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