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This sucks... I had a big wall shelf made for all these guys and there are just enough holes left for the new set... ugh..

Thank you to evan2000 for the AWESOME gif! <3
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Originally Posted by atreyu2112 View Post
I actually met DSTZach at NYCC and got to talk to him for a bit about all things DST TMNT. He said the orders just werenít there for the Classic Minimates. BUT, just because they are cancelled doesnít mean theyíll never get released. He also told me about some other REALLY exciting TMNT product that has been designed (and believe me, when he told me what it was I got *really* excited)... but that itís really just a matter of timing. He also said they might be looking at other ways to get the stuff out to us by other avenues. I had mentioned the upcoming series Nick has coming, and he responded that might be a good time for them to look at releasing some TMNT goodness again. But for now, TMNT is on hiatus for DST.
They said that about other lines, I think they are cancelled to be honest.
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How can it be cancelled when it was never officially announced? Itís more about timing. Right now, no New TMNT movie, the Nick show just finished up. Thereís gonna be a lull until that new cartoon comes out.
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