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Mark Martin's Personal Original Art Collection TMNT/ Gnatrat/ much more

Hey everyone!

I am happy to announce that I have partnered up with Mark Martin and he has agreed to release his original art collection for sale to the public. Mark will be the pricing consultant and I am handling sales and shipping. Those of you who aren’t familiar with Mark’s work, he has been working in the comics industry since the late 70’s/ early 80’s. Below is a small list of the books Mark is notable for. We will be adding more pages in the coming weeks. Pages/stories that have been posted on CAF for sale will have a link attached to them. Please use my email for the fastest responses:


TMNT Vol. 1 #16 / #22 / #23

Gnatrat: The Dark Gnat Returns

Happy Birthday Gnatrat

Darerat / Tadpole

Gnatrat: The Movie

Gnatrat: The End (Released in the Ultimate Gnatrat TPB)

The Ultimate Gnatrat TPB

Comic Buyer’s Guide artist (“20 Nude Dancers 20”)

Heavy Metal Magazine artist and editor

Tundra Publishing(Kevin Eastman’s defunct publishing company) artist and editor

Nickelodeon artist and editor

Highlights Magazine artist

And many more


So without further ado, here are the “fine details” of how this will be presented:

Mark’s sales threads will fall across multiple forums. New pages/stories will be uploaded as time allows it, there are 100's of pages to go through. If you have a question or want to see if a page/s is available, please PM me. We will use the same page format on each respective forum to maintain consistency. All sales/shipping will be handled by me with Mark acting as consultant and collection guru. Paypal is the only accepted form of payment.

I am new to some forums and have been around others for quite some time now. I have been selling on EBAY for over 10 years and have 100% positive feedback. Shipping and handling is critical to me and always done so with the utmost care.

Anybody who has bought items from me in the past will vouch for this. Please note: we will NOT be using EBAY as a platform for sales whatsoever, keeping it strictly to the forums AND Pages that are offered will be viewable by a picture of the original art, or a link to the original art.

All of the art offered comes straight from the Mark’s collection and is 100% authentic. There are many different forms of art being offered: original art pages, toning pages, photo-stats, production art, etc…

Let me break down what each type of art offered is:

Original Art: self-explanatory, the original pages with pencils/inks

Toning pages: these are pages/panels that have had the original art photocopied to a medium where the tones/shades were applied. The 2 most common toning pages Mark has are thin Duoshade papers that have the OA photocopied to them, or thick cardstock that has a OA photocopy attached to it. These pages are how the tones/shades/ depth were applied.

Photo-Stats: These are high quality photocopies of the OA. The paper used is high quality semi-gloss that could be most comparable to “print” style quality. Please note: Stat paper is not a card stock grade paper and should not be thought of as such. Think of stat’s as “print”-grade photocopies of the OA on semi-gloss paper. Stats were used to transfer the OA to other mediums so the tones could then be applied.

Production Art: Generally speaking, production art is what was used to produce the final printed material. It may consist of stats, printer proofs, and or acetate pages. All the production art being offered is original and one of a kind. There has been no xeroxing of the OA to acetate after it was published. These pages were used in the actual publishing of the book and have remained in Mark’s possession since then

So to breakdown each step of the process, here is a brief diagram:

Original art -->Photo-Stats, if applicable --> Toning Pages or cardstock Toning Panels, if applicable --> Production Art, if applicable --> Published Work

And now for the fine print:

Anybody wishing to purchase pages will have to PM me to make sure the desired pages are available and to reserve them. Since we are selling across multiple websites, please wait for me to respond to your PM before you can declare a page “reserved”. My turn-around time to respond is usually within 12 hours, generally much much less than that. Feel free to PM me with any questions, concerns or RFQ’s. Please keep your PM’s to one forum or CAF, it’s difficult to follow the same person across multiple platforms.

We will ship internationally if requested, please PM me for any international shipping inquiries/quotes. All domestic sales will be shipped via USPS first class or priority. Domestic shipping costs will generally range from $4.00 - $18.00 depending on the size of pages purchased. All packages to be shipped, domestic and international will be insured for the full sale amount. Though I don’t foresee it being a problem, I want to state that we are not willing to amend duties slips for international shipping to reduce fees. What you buy is what it will be labeled as...
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PM SENT! -- Rick
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any covers up for sale?
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Commission list open!!!

Greetings all,

I am happy to announce that Mark has graciously opened his commission list and is accepting new requests. He prefers his wacky satirical "Martinized" style, but will consider more serious requests. With a little bit of coaxing, Mark is drawing turtles once more. He is accepting single TMNT character requests. He has not been taking TMNT requests recently. Don't miss a great opportunity to own some original art from one of the greats!

Mark's specialty is mixed media and his finished work is simply stunning He also has great linework on pen and ink sketches.

Thanks for looknig and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Base Pricing(subject to change based on request). We will try to accommodate smaller budgets with a more"con" styled sketch, but reserve the right to accept such requests.

Single Character Color Mixed Media(background to be determined at time of request)
9" x 12" $ 160
11" x 14" $200

Single Character Blank Cover Sketches(background to be determined at time of request). Wrap-around sketch requests, please PM for pricing:

We have discussed doing a CGC Signature series sketch op. If anyone is interested, let me know as we need to fill a minimum number of requests to kick off the op. I have plenty of TMNT and non-TMNT blanks for these requests. PM for specifics.

B & W Pen & Ink $100
Color Mixed Media $150

Mark's painting skills are also very notable. He has a 28" x 20" canvas he will paint for $350. A oversized TMNT painitng would be a great late holiday present for anybody!

Mixed Media Examples:

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damn too bad i'm pissass poor lol

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