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Favorite Web Comics

I checked to make sure this thread wasn't posted somewhere else, but if it has been, I apologize.

I don't know if anyone else has any web comics they keep up with, or find themselves reading repeatedly if they've ended, but if anyone wants to link to and discuss some of their favorites, then go for it! I'll start by posting some of mine...


This is the web comic that lead me to read other web comics. For those of you who enjoy super hero comic books, you might have a ball with this one! It's got a lot of great, unique characters (some of whom are super heroes), and it's truly a comic that's got something for everyone (and it updates consistently twice a week!). Might be best rated as being PG-13-ish, but is pretty safe to be read in a public place.


Lackadaisy is probably my overall favorite comic: Not only is the artwork ahhh-mazing (truly truly), but who doesn't love bootlegging cats? It hasn't updated very often in recent times, but it's supposed to start updating more frequently come early spring, and the wait is definitely worth it. Other than the overall theme of ALCOHOL, ALCOHOL EVERYWHERE (because bootlegging), it's pretty safe for people of all ages.


This one is addicting as all get out: I read through everything in a couple of days when I found it, and it's been going on for years, so that took some doing! I find it pretty hilarious, and it just shows you how important clerical work is, because one misfiled folder, and you can literally turn people's lives upside down... Especially if you're an angel messing with people's files in Heaven. Updates five days a week, and probably belongs in the PG-13 category.

The following are comics for adult readers only:

Love Me Nice

A cute little web comic where humans and cartoons live together, and show business isn't all sunshine and rainbows. The artist/author updates fairly frequently, and sometimes does Livestreams while she's inking, which is pretty cool. There's nothing actually super adult in this one, but there a lot of adds on the sides that are definitely not that suitable for kiddos.

Girls With Slingshots

This is definitely a grown-up's only webcomic, but it's pretty hilarious, and the characterization is very diverse. It updates five days a week, and is supposed to end sometime this year.

And a couple of really really new ones:

Mare Internum

This one just started a couple of weeks ago. It involves humans living on Mars, and one really depressed fellow, but that's about as far as it's gotten so far. The artist/author is the same person who's also working on The Meek, another very good comic that's on hiatus for the moment. I'd say these are both PG-13, just for language purposes (and some partial nudity, in the case of The Meek).

The Lonely Vincent Bellingham

This is another very new one that's suppose to start updating more frequently soon. It involves a fellow on sabbatical who meets a vampire and her kids, and presumably shenanigans ensue. The art is fantastic, and at the moment, it's suitable for all ages.

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