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J stars vs

Anyone play this? it looks solid
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Quoting myself from the Currently Playing thread...

Originally Posted by Peanut View Post
I got J-Stars Victory VS+ today and I'm pretty hype about it. I hope the current feeling I have for it lasts, because right now I'm really liking it. I think it has very clear issues, but it's great fan service and I wasn't exactly looking for a crazy in-depth fighting game either. It's probably sh*tty to nitpick about the game too much, considering it's incredible we got it at all, but there are some things that really irk me, despite being what I'd call minor issues.

First, and probably most selfishly, the One Piece selections really annoy me. How do you get Luffy...and then 3 characters who haven't been seen in like 5 years as reps? Where the f*ck are the Straw Hats? Zoro? Even if they didn't want to put another badass swordsman in the game, what about a god damn giant cyborg pervert or a transforming reindeer? Also, Alabasta is the One Piece stage? It's probably the least interesting of all the big One Piece locales. What about Skypiea, Fishman Island, Punk Hazard or Sabaody? Why the boring desert city!?

Second, all the music is replaced. I'm not surprised by it, but it's still a huge bummer.

Aside from that I'm really enjoying playing as random characters I know nothing about, which is the majority of the roster. Playing as guys like Gintoki, Toriko and Gon make me want to go back to their respective animes and give them a longer shot.
To add to that, I find now, after extensive time with the game, that a lot of the characters are sorta boring. There are specific characters that seem way too limited, which makes them not only uninteresting to use, but sometimes using them actually feels detrimental. Some of them also have moves that I can't even figure out and there's nothing in the game that tells you.

Take, for instance, someone like Luckyman. His attacks are both slow AND weak and he only has three specials, one of which is just him standing still with a light glowing on him, which has zero explanation. So, not only is he not fun to play as, but half of his moves are worthless. Outside of him, there are a number of characters that have some variation of a projectile, a quick forward dash/lock-on dash attack and then a third, usually more worthless special.

Obviously I was only ever going to sink a bunch of time into playing as Luffy, but he also happens to be one of the few characters I've played with that also has a decent amount of depth. He requires you to be very diligent with your stamina usage, including smart use of his Gear Second form and specials. He has transmutable specials and regulars depending on certain factors, including Gear Second and Haki-infused attacks, the later of which requires you to really put thought into how you approach a fight. Compare this variable level of attack power with running and air specials and you've got a TON of options with him, which I've found to be the opposite of most other characters I've used. That's disappointing, to say the least.

There are also a ton of modes and stuff, but they all revolve around the same fights, which I really enjoy, but find there's too little variation from the stages or characters to make it truly interesting every time. A few characters have more interesting and varied attacks/techniques that require more finesse and intelligent play, but they're few and far between. I'm a person who likes a repetitious grind, but I still wish there was more variation fight to fight.

I also hate relying on the dumb ass CPU partner in all the modes that require it, especially the more difficult ones. It's incredibly frustrating to be absolutely beating ass on your opponents, only to notice the voltage gauge is maxed in the opponents direction and you're down by 1KO, because your partner was either standing still or getting kicked around like a doll by Goku. Even more angering is to be juggled by the opposing team, while you watch your partners mini-map icon standing still half way across the arena, despite giving them the Attack or Focus commands.

After a few hours even the fan service-y stuff doesn't play so hot. The story mode mash-up basically has characters speaking very bluntly and out of character, or else saying the exact same thing every time they speak. I don't know sh*t about Naruto, but it seems like he's super obsessed with protecting his village or something. There's also little to no reward for continued play after about halfway through the story mode. I had maxed out the Friendship/Triumph/Effort gauges and bought all the characters, so the only other thing to do with the currency is buy coins to then buy cards, which itself is sorta pointless and half-baked. The boosts the cards give you are decent, especially when you "combo" them to get rid of their negative effects (yet another thing the game doesn't even hint at,) but once you get a decent "deck" together it doesn't feel like there's much point to that either.

I'm way into it for a lot of reasons, but like I said before it has a ton of obvious and glaring issues.

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Goddammit the subject being incomplete pisses me off more than it should.
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I bought a japanese copy last year, I really do enjoy it.

Usually I like having Vegeta (with multi-ki blasts) as support, as I can have Vegeta attack both opponents.

Though I like using Toriko + Sket Dance, while Sket Dance has a long charge time, if you can have it connect to the opponent, you can actually get Toriko to do his Nail-gun attack at 100%, which just looks amazing.
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Toriko is probably my second favourite character to use. I love his charging animation and you're right, hitting that charged Nail-gun Punch is suuuuuper satisfying and looks great.

A lot of the attacks in the game look awesome in general.
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