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Loose Figure Lots (1988, Movie, 2k3) + Six Vehicles

Four separate lots.

I don't need to sell this whole set as one but I'd like to split it up as few ways as possible.

I don't even feel like putting these on eBay. PM me and I'll just take the best offers for each after like a week or so because I seriously don't want these anymore.

Original Playmates lot:
None come with any accessories or belts. All are a bit banged up but none are broken (except the bubble walker is incomplete, see picture).

SOTO Movie lot:
All four come with their belts but no accessories.

2003 lot:
Most have some scuffs but are intact unless otherwise noted.
Splinter's tail is gone.
Casey has the original hockey stick, baseball bat, golf club, and mask. Plus a trenchcoat.
The foot soldiers and Shredder all have weapons (see picture) except the dude missing his hat.
Both Triceratons have their masks.
Hun has his gauntlet thing.
Turtle Titan or whatever he was has his shield.
No other accessories included. Except I guess that lonely little mouser.

2003 Vehicle lot:
Turtle van (includes missiles on the side launchers and is in very good condition.
Bladed thing.

Whatever they're really see what they are.
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