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87 Series music categorization

in the hopes of getting a complete soundtrack released one day....

here is the start of what will try to organize every single cue heard in the original show. there might be doubles, so it would help to organize. These are timed when each new theme ends. Not the length of said theme, or from start to finish. makes it easier to write down and edit out later.

For Turtle tracks, we have the following:
1-22-33 pruple dragon theme

2-25-20 - news 1
2-40-11 news 2
3-00-00 shredder
424 trouble

4-57-10 action
5-15-30 faint
5-25-10 shredder

00 sewer
620 happy
757 splinter theme
834 crime
850 trouble
1015 turtle description

1205- love theme
1223- shredder 2
1320 - ninja pizza

1458 street walking

1553 pizza
1654 - trouble 2
17-38 trouble 3
1807- robots
1927 action
20-03 down

2138 - action
2200 - splinter
2217 pizza
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